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As a child, to avoid studying for math class, I programmed my TI-83 to do the math for me. As an adult, to avoid the rat race, I make amazing web applications and help entrepreneurs take their first steps. Let’s make something awesome together.

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Focus Areas

Focus Area Web Development

Web Development

1, 2, 3 - Launch

Fast, fetching and functional websites deployed with the most modern frameworks. Mobile-first design with a striking desktop presence. Dynamic and scalable to grow with you whether your market is local or global.

tl:dr: A beautiful website in no time, delivered to you with a bow.

Focus Area G-Suite


Gmail, Drive, Docs and more

A set of intelligent apps to connect the people on your team, no matter where in the world they are. Fast, functional and redundant, G-Suite is the market-leading and most cost-effective productivity solution

tl:dr: Microsoft who? Your work in the cloud, in real-time.

Focus Area Startup Launch

Startup Launch

Strategy, Launch & Operations

Launch with a strategy to match your unique capabilities and limitations as a young company. Let’s craft agile support from launch to scale whether you’re a startup, nonprofit, retailer or multinational operator.

tl:dr: Launching a business is hard. I've done it. I can help.

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