About Me

As a child, to avoid studying for math class, I programmed my TI-83 to do the math for me. As an adult, to avoid the rat race, I make amazing web applications and help entrepreneurs take their first steps. Lets make something awesome together.

Work / Life

A web-tool that allows tenants of large multi-family residential buildings to efficiently organize and request that recycling collection be provided by their landlord.
XG Redesigned Homepage
ASAP EVAP first web presence
Custom Machine Learning solutions to revolutionize your business

Focus Areas

Web Developement

1, 2, 3 - Launch

A set of intelligent apps to connect the people on your team, no matter where in the world they are. Fast, functional and redundant, G-Suite is the market-leading and most cost-effective productivity solution.

tl:dr: A beautiful website in no time, delivered to you with a bow.


GMail, Drive, Docs and More

Launch with a strategy to match your unique capabilities and limitations as a young company. Let's craft agile support from launch to scale whether you're a startup, nonprofit, retailer or multinational operator.

tl:dr: Microsoft who? Your work in the cloud, in real-time.

Startup Launch Logo

Startup Launch

Strategy, Operations and Launch

Fast, fetching and functional websites deployed with the most modern frameworks. Mobile-first design with a striking desktop presence. Dynamic and scalable to grow with you whether your market is local or global.

tl:dr: Launching a business is hard. I've done it.I can help.

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